Building Management Service

We provide a range of services which covers all aspects of Estate Management, as listed below;

On behalf of the MCST, we will manage all building operational issues, which include (amongst others)

(a) enforcing all warranties on building materials / workmanships provided by the contractors,

(b) record-keeping of all essential documents and inventories

(c) maintaining the validity of compliance certificates and licenses, as required by relevant legislations/statutory authorities

(d) professionally discharge the duties, for and on behalf of the MCST and/or the Management Council, as mandated by the BMSMA.

(e) conducting and recording regular physical inspections of the Estate to ensure that common facilities are in serviceable condition, and areas for preventative actions.

(f) addressing technical defects; our on-site Technician (where available) will be the first point of call, but where specialist skills are required, we will contact contractors or consultants to resolve the matter.